Leadership is a challenging role.  There are numerous books written on leadership.There are numerous opinions on how leaders should lead.  There are those that say leaders are born and not made.  Some feel that they are a great leaders while others feel they are not leaders.  Well, like it or not, we all are going to fill leadership roles at some point in our lives.  You may be the big brother or sister, you may possess a skill set that others notice and aspire to be like, you may have the blessing of children that will want to grow up and be just like mom or dad or, you may be in a position at a company where others watch the way you work.  It is tough not to look around and find an area of life where you miss a chance to lead.

At Richter Landscape Company, we are working hard to develop leaders through training, open forum discussions, and most importantly, by example.  This can be a challenge because we all have our faults, but we are clear about our intentions.  My goal for our company is for our leadership to trickle down.  Everyone plays a crucial role in each position here.  Our end goal if for the customer to be completely satisfied and have their expectations exceeded.  That is a lofty goal, but one I do not want to stop striving for.  My intention is for our team to understand this goal and to work on improving our level of service each day.  It starts with leadership from the top and moves down!  With that being said, a new day is beginning and it is time to do my best and lead our company to the best of my ability.  I hope everyone is motivated to do the same and strives to be a better leader in the area of life you find yourself in.


John Richter