Birmingham Area Drought Bulletin

In a recent article, Birmingham Water Works asked customers to reduce their water usage due to the current drought. The BWW service area is currently under a Stage Two Drought Watch.

“If a reduction in water usage does not happen soon, the BWW will activate the Stage Three Drought Warning phase of our drought management plan (summary here), which imposes surcharges for above normal water use for residential and commercial customers,” said Darryl Jones, Assistant General Manager of Operations and Technical Services.

If water usage does not decrease, Water Works will likely begin the Stage Three Drought Warning on Monday.

If you live or work in the Birmingham area, please encourage friends and neighbors to conserve where they can. More information can be found at

* Growers, producers, & garden centers should pay special attention to the exemptions noted under each stage of the Drought Management Plan.

Thanks to ALabama Nursery & Landscape Association for your leadership in our green industry.